Monday, September 26, 2011

Monster Profile: BEMULAR (Ultraman)

(ベムラー Bemurā)

Classification: Space Monster

Looking like the cross between Godzilla and a sea urchin, Bemular is an evil space monster who escaped captivity and was pursued to earth in the first episode of Ultraman. He draws strength from a lake, but after wreaking some havoc, he is swiftly pummeled by Ultraman and then destroyed. He suffers a similar fate in the Ultraman film Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy.

Height: 50 meters (164 feet)
Weight: 15,000 tons
Flight Speed: Mach 1.8

Powers: Bemular can travel through space in a blue sphere. He can also fire a destructive blue laser from his mouth.


  • Bemular's name was originally going to be used for a bird-like humanoid monster with wings that was intended to be the hero of the series Scientific Special Search Party: Bemular. This series would have been the followup to Ultra Q but the idea was scrapped in favour of the Ultraman concept. 

  • The Bemular suit was later recycled to make the monster Gyango in Episode 11 of Ultraman, "The Ruffian from Outer Space".

  • Bemular`s roar sounds like a pitched-down version of Godzilla`s own iconic roar.

Ultraman (1966) - "Ultra Operation #1"

Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy (2009)

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  1. Cool pictures and write out on the Ultraman first epsiode! :)