Thursday, October 6, 2011

The 10 Weirdest Ultraman Videos

By Western standards, Japanese media is pretty weird. The genre of giant monster movies (daikaiju) and special effects shows (tokusatsu), such as Ultraman, are not exempt from this. Where Japan's iconic superhero Ultraman is concerned, things are strange and keep on getting stranger.

All Monsters Blog! presents.... The 10 Weirdest Ultraman Videos

10. Taiwanese KFC Ultraman Toys

09. Ultraman Teaches Proper DVD Care

08. Office Ultraman Likes Noodles

07. Ultras Experience Human Housing

06. Office Ultraman Ends the Canned Coffee Wars

05. Office Ultraman Exercises

04. Ultramen Fight Over Air Conditioning

03. Ultraman Delivers the Mail

02. Ultraman Ukelele

01. Ultra Scatman

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