Sunday, October 9, 2011

Monster Profile: KING KONG (1933)

King Kong
aka. Kong

Classification: Giant Ape

Living on a forgotten island shrouded by mist, Kong thrives in the violent, primal jungles of a lost prehistoric world. From behind a giant wall, tribal people sacrifice to Kong their women in order to appease him. One day, an American film crew arrives on the island, and Kong becomes smitten with Ann Darrow, a blonde American kidnapped and offered to Kong. Darrow's crew-mates brave the jungle to rescue her, and Kong is captured by the Americans. He's taken to New York as a captive and entertainment attraction. After escaping and rampaging through the city, Kong meets his end atop the Empire State Building and falls to his death.

Max. Height: 5 meters (on Skull Island) or 7 meters (in New York) (18-24 feet)

Weight: Over 38 tons

Weakness: Blonde White Women

Powers: Kong possesses all the abilities and strengths of a gorilla proportionate to his height and size. Unlike apes, however, Kong fights in a very human fashion by employing hand-to-hand combat skills reminiscent of wrestling and boxing moves.


King Kong (1933)

Official Variations
  • King Kong (1976)
  • King Kong (2005)
  • Japanese King Kong (Toho)
  • Animated King Kong (Japan 1966)

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