Monday, November 28, 2011

Monster Profile: GABORA (Ultraman)


Classification: Uranium Monster

Gabora is a four-legged, subterranean monster with a deep hunger for uranium. When he first appeared in the classic Ultraman series, he surfaced after a typhoon in order to seek out souces of uranium to eat.

To assist in his life underground, Gabora's head is covered in six strips of armour that close to form a conical shield, perfect for burrowing. When Gabora is ready to attack or feed, the armor strips separate and fold back like blooming flower petals to reveal the monster's face. Gabora's back is also lined with armour plates, but the rest of his tough skin is exposed to attack.

Height: 50 meters (164 feet)

Weight: 25, 000 Tons

Powers: Gabora can fire a blue uranium beam from his mouth. Although the beam is supposedly powerful, it doesn't cause much devastation in the episode when he appeared.

    First Appearance

    Ultraman (1966) - "Operation Electric Stone Fire"

    Other Appearances

    Ultraman: The Ultimate Hero / Ultraman Powered (1993)

    • Gabora is built from Toho's Baragon costume that was also used to make Neronga and Magular

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