Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Monster Profile: GREENMONS (Ultraman)


Classification: Miroganda Monster

Once a normal specimen of the large and beautiful miroganda flower, Greenmons was created when a miroganda was taken back to Japan and exposed to radiation. Not only did the plant grow to human size but it also reverted back to its juvenile form: an amorphous and carnivorous green plant. Now radiated, Greenmons glowed yellow from its center and was extraordinarily animate.

An adult miroganda
Greenmons required special water from its home island to survive, so it was drawn to attack the researchers who drank from that same water  Later, when confronted by the Science Patrol, Greenmons fed on energy to grow to gigantic size for its final battle with Ultraman.

Height: 20 centimeters (8 inches) - 35 meters (114 feet)

Weight: 30 grams - 20, 000 tons

Powers: When threatened, Greenmons can attack with a green cloud of poisonous mist. It can also smother enemies and escape through small spaces by flattening into a leafy ribbon and sliding on a trail of green mucus.

First Appearance

Ultraman (1966) - "Secret of Miroganda"

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