Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Monster Profile: PIGMON (Ultraman)

(ピグモン Pigumon)

Classification: Friendly Rare Monster

On Tatara Island, the monsters come big and mean, but Pigmon is the exception to the rule.

The size of a human child, Pigmon is a bizarre creature with a heart of gold. He first appeared in the classic Ultraman series as a diminutive kaiju with a body sprouting in red frills. His stubby white arms end in long, skeletal fingers that are constantly waggling and are, honestly, unnerving to watch. 

Pigmon was discovered by the Science Patrol on Tatara Island where Pigmon left a trail for the Science Patrol to follow. They found Pigmon helping an injured researcher, the only survivor of a doomed research team that was ravaged by the island's larger, meaner monster. Near the end of the episode, the monster Red King attacks and kills Pigmon by crushing him under an avalanche of rocks.

In a later episode, Pigmon is brought back to life by a creature known as Geronimon who was angry at the Science Patrol for killing monsters. Pigmon helped the Science Patrol learn of Geronimon's plans, but Pigmon is killed once again while protecting Science Patrol member Ide from the resurrected monster Dorako.

Height: 4 feet (1 meter)

Weight: 40 kilograms
    First Appearance

    Ultraman (1966) - "Monster Lawless Zone"

    Other Appearances

    Ultraman: The Ultimate Hero / Ultraman Powered (1993)
    Revive! Ultraman (1996) 
    Ultraman Max (2005)
    Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy (2009)

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