Monday, June 18, 2012

Monster Profile: JIRASS (Ultraman)

(ジラース - Jirāsu)

Classification: Frilled Monster

Bearing an unmistakable likeness to the King of the Monsters, Jirass is a giant frilled aquatic reptile created (or is it found?) by the mad scientist Professor Nakamura (aka. Professor Nikaido) and raised in Lake Kitayama.

After Jirass's life in Lake Kitayama was disturbed and he was brought forth by his caretaker to attack the Science Patrol, Ultraman defeated Jirass in an uncharacteristically showy and brutal battle in which Jirass's frilled collar was ripped from his neck. After Jirass died, Ultraman knelt before the defeated monster to show his respects.

Height: 147 feet (45 meters)

Weight: 25,000 - 30, 000 tons

Powers: Like Godzilla, Jirass is an accomplished swimmer, but where Godzilla fires a blast of atomic breath, Jirass unleashes a blue electric ray from his mouth instead.
    First Appearance

    Ultraman (1966) - "The Mysterious Dinosaur Base"

    Other Appearances

    Redman (1972) 

    • Jirass is assembled from the Godzilla suit head used in Godzilla vs. The Sea Monster and the Godzilla body seen in Mothra vs. Godzilla with the addition of a frilled collar and yellow paint to distinguish Jirass from the iconic King of the Monsters
    • The man in the suit is none other than Haruo Nakajima who is famous for playing Godzilla in the first twelve Godzilla films.


    1. great to see you back in action!

      i wasn't aware of the Big G's second appearance in Redman. does it involve as vicious a beating as the one he received in Ultraman?

    2. Thanks. I really hope to keep All Monsters Blog! updated on regular schedule.

      As for Jirass's role in Redman, I don't know how the fight goes down. I haven't seen that episode. But, if what I have seen of Redman is any indication, the fight is likely poorly choreographed and cheaply done.