Sunday, November 3, 2013

Monster Profile: KNIFEHEAD (Pacific Rim)


Classification: Category III

Emerging from the breach in the year 2020, the ferocious kaiju codenamed Knifehead is the largest category III kaiju ever recorded. With a tough outer shell and armor-piercing knife-like nose, Knifehead holds the distinction of being the kaiju that put Jaeger Gipsy Danger out of commission during their battle off the coast of Anchorage, Alaska. During that confrontation with Gipsy Danger, Knifehead dealt a fatal blow to the over-confident Jaeger pilot team. 

Thinking they had defeated Knifehead, Gispy Danger pilots Yancy and Raleigh Becket were prematurely congratulating themselves as Knifehead pulled itself back up from the sea. Using its incredible strength, Knifehead severed the Jaeger's arm and smashed open its head, tearing co-pilot Yancy out of the cockpit and killing him. Left to pilot Gipsy Danger on his own, Raleigh Beckett managed to destroy Knifehead by unloading several rounds of plasma aster charges into Knifehead's face. 

Like other Kaiju, Knifehead's anatomy resembles that of Earth's aquatic fish, mammals, and reptiles. While in many ways resembling a goblin shark, Knifehead sports a very whale-like blowhole atop its head. In other ways like an insect, Knifehead has four arms: from the shoulders, two large dominant arms ending in three-clawed digits (the middle digit being significantly extended) and from its belly, two smaller secondary arms. Knifehead's dark grey body is detailed with a pattern of yellow lines. Its eyes and the interior of its mouth glow blue.

Height: 96 meters (315 feet)
Weight: 2, 700 tons
Toxicity: Medium

Powers: Knifehead's signature weapon is the bony knife-like nose protrubance that's so sharp it can cut through Jaeger armor. In addition, Knifehead can rend Jaeger steel with its mouth full of jagged teeth.


Pacific Rim (2013)

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